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There are variety of ideas and thoughts that keep loitering in my head all the time and it seriously needs an outlet . Blogging may be a better or rather a best way to give a concrete base to those loosely knitted ideas creating something productive.

My story with pimples and acne..! #pimples#beautifulskin

“Acne remedies” This was the most searched thing on my Google page till last year. This is a terrible experience for anyone who is dealing with it. Moreover it understands no age bar, it can happen to anyone at any age right from teenage to your 50s. My life was difficult not only because I hated acne like everyone else, but because I also hated plastering my face with concealer and foundation to hide those imperfections . Everytime I had to go out for a party, it felt like a huge burden on my head. Not just that, I could not even post the pictures without using blemish feature in the aviary photo app. But after all the painful experiences, I had to consult a dermatologist. This urgency came because of a silly experiment I had done by using cinnamon powder and honey on my face and scrubbing it before washing it off. This ultimately landed me into a great deal of trouble, my cheeks turned red(literally red not pink) and hot (I mean the temperature hot) .

So the doctor gave me a good rebuke with medication I needed and I followed his orders more sincerely than anyone can follow any religious ritual. It took a month for my cheeks to become normal and then after about 4 months I got my acne and pimple free face, but the marks were still faintly visible. But Now it’s been a year my face not only looks clear its shines as well.

All thanks to my dermatologist. But I am writing this to tell the basics you need to follow besides the medicatione that is taken.

1. Wash your face twice daily.

2. Use a clean towel or a dry tissue to wipe your face.

3. Never ever sleep with your make up on.

4. Use sunscreen and keep your face sun protected always.

5.Stay away from dust and immediately wash your face when you reach home.

6.Splash your face with cold water whenever you feel oil on your face

7. My routine :

As of now I just wash my face using a neem face wash every morning and once before sleeping. After that I wipe my face and use the microbenz aqueous gel (IMG below) as recommended by my dermatologist. But anytime if I miss out on following this ritual the probability of a pimple pops up next morning.

But above all Stay happy and that will do all the wonders for you. Like they always emphasize “Nothing shines brighter than a smiling face”

Good luck..☺️😊

Our life…! (Some grey shades) #depression

Just a lump of flesh existing in a corner …. meaning nothing to anyone and contributing nothing to anything.No energy ,no exuberance just breathing to keep the body alive, else everything else inside me is dead.But who cares to cremate that dead soul…only a body that dies is accounted as dead…a dead soul is no death..When actually it is the real death…but the world is superficial and so is its definition of death.

Sit back n wait for ur turn(opportunity)..dats all I m doin not even sure if there is a turn for me as well..or maybe it is all a futile yearning to console myself and stay alive..wat else do I live for…a house which is not mine or the world outside – where I am not needed anymore. 5yrs back, in college I was so important but suddenly I am no one…not a single person cares if I exist or not…people will come n peep into my sitting area just to check if I am alive and not ruining anyone’s peace of mind or reputation. Dats it, nothing is genuine anymore.

To top it all the only person who actually cared for me…who needed me and lived me unconditionally just left me to be, n lament his death…he may be dead according to the world but for me he is alive and living with me in my heart or maybe he is far away somewhere, looking at me but not responding. Just watching me die everyday yearning to be with him again… But maybe that’s how 2 souls connect and continue to stay intact forever..and I guess that is the beauty of love..and maybe dats y I am alive because my heart is not dead it can still feel the love for him…

If u are someone like me… lamenting the loss of someone feeling lonely or just unwanted…read this and cry louder…n loudest till u feel lighter. Take a deep breath n feel the air around you. Suddenly you will feel the life. It is difficult n tortures life puts us through is at times way too much…but u can be happy even without any reason…the world need not decide ur moods and make u a slave to its opportunities .. take a deep breath, smile and be happy only because u want to be happy…. everything else is secondary..